Best SEO Tips for Small Businesses

Do you own a small business? Do you have a website that needs more visitors? Well if you’ve answered yes, we’re here to give you the top 3 seo tips to improve your online presence. Being a small business is hard as we generally don’t have the large marketing budget as some of our major competitors. They can drop thousands every month on their PPC and SEO campaigns. Don’t worry you can do a lot of this work yourself if you teach and learn the basics.

Tip #1 – Content is King

Google loves content, but more importantly relevant high quality content. Example if you have a dental office in a large city, make sure you are using dental and city keywords in your content. Having a blog and updating it regularly will also help you establish authority and make your site rank across multiple keywords.

Tip #2 – Hosting / Website Speed

Don’t use cheap hosting that will constantly have your site offline. Choosing a good website hosting company is crucial for website speed, security and reliability. It is not a secret that google uses CTR (click through rate) as part of their 100+ ranking factors.

Tip #3 – Be the Authority

Want to be the best small business practice in your city? Make sure others are talking about you as well. Seo rankings depends a lot on the links or mention-backs you get from other sites in your industry. The more the better.

These 3 tips are only the tip of the iceberg. To really dig deep it will take time, practice and money. Learning seo yourself can be rewarding and can truly benefit your business if you get it right.